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Gee, things sure have changed since my family moved to the United States. It only took a good two years just to get the paperwork done, I'm told, then I didn't legally become a citizen until about a good five years after we moved here. I was fortunate enough to not have to take the American History/Citizenship Test, having a mother who was legally half-American and born on US soil.


For the amount of effort put into preaching that the end is near and the amount of time that it's been since the doom preaching has started, you could have been working on that. Especially considering that Canada accepts quite a few skilled workers. And with the internet, it's not too hard to work out the other methods if you're serious enough about it. Japan shouldn't be too hard, though you'll be photographed and fingerprinted upon arrival.


In the end, the First Amendment gives you freedom of speech, and you're doing a great job utilizing that freedom. I disagree with the message but I support your exercise of such rights. I once wrote a lengthy rant about how un-American it is to tell another individual to get out of the country when they're exercising their freedom of speech. Now I believe that both parties are great Americans for exercising that right. The best part is, I'm free to believe that.



For all I know though, this may all be a figment of my imagination, and that I'm the only person in this world. Then again, perhaps you're the only one in this world, and I'm a figment of your imagination. It's getting late and I've been re-reading way too much beginner philosophy material.





The best part is that once I get things figured out, I will not be a U.S Citizen anymore, to each their own.

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