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New, late but member


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Well, i've just taken interest on forums across the sites, still looking around for more to join and get helped and help out as needed.


noob on mac and apple osx (about 6 month in technology now)

been using and build PC since 2005 not many but do decent work fixing friends and families PC.


out of all thing computer related i love to mode and build PC cases, not many mods and honestly not a single pictures (sorry me and my camera are like two sides of coin never get on same sides) but have planned on building new PC case just for the hack of it, the project is 7 year long (yes 7 year sorry but working student need to pay fees and buy books). just finished building new computer area at my house on small opening i had in my room will put pictures up later on.


love need for speed and prince of persia type of games, i love world of warcraft to death and have played up to 13-14 hours a day on my freshmen year of university, but hard classes, family member needed help and freaking blizzard changing all the spell and cast, i'm finally off of wow for about 3 years now.


currently using Macbook pro 15 (with first gen i5) and in between building new i5 rig (mobo from newegg came dead) and i got the i5 2500k for $150 (ya i just wanted to show off for a deal i got :evilgrin: )


on this earth day i made promise to myself and my second project includes putting my old PC to run entirely on solar power (yep i'm in florida might as well take advantage of it) and also few other things at work to save some $$ too.


hope to help you guys out and get few great advice from fellow members.




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