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got a new printer


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okay so this has been coming for some time... a printer that prints wirelessly from any PC, borderless, dusplexer, and prints on CD/DVDs without added hardware. got a new artisan 835.


I must say - big %^&er. but the added bonus is this - I bought some aftermarket refillable cartridges. I must say spending $50+ at a time on new ink is just beyond belief! it wastes literaly hundreds every year (and each cartridge is what 10ml? less?). now compare this to the $17 I spent on 100ml PER COLOR/6 COLORS!!!! that's 600ml. see the difference? I definitely do. and I've already done two refills.


it was a bit of a learning curve I admit. it may not be the easiest thing in the world. I also learned the hard way that I shouldn't let the ink go down below a certain point as this particular model keeps some (a lot) of ink in its print head that's after the cartridges.


refills can be done cleanly. they can also be a mess. an outright mess.


of course you have to coordinate the air/fill holes when you do it but that isn't too hard. air holes have to be open during printing - again not a problem.


and in the end I get good printing.

I did get a bit of a fail when I printed lines, but I fixed that with numerous head cleanings. that turned out to be air in the line, which I probably pushed in during refill. bit of a learning curve - but I'm getting there.



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I've always liked epson. After all, they do have some of the highest-end ink jet printers available...


when I bought it I wasn't as concerned about the quality (although that was something I thought about) as the ability to print on disks and ability to be refilled with nonOEM ink. which I am now doing.

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