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Tweaking Overclock Further


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Hey everyone, I've been thinking about ways to tweak my overclock and drop temps a little further.

Yesterday tried dropping my QPI voltage from 1.25 down to 1.2v, the lowest limit the mobo would go. So far so good, ran 24 hours stable, and managed to drop average temps by 2 degrees (factoring in ambients ofcoarse), so great sucess!


Anything else I can tweak to drop it all a little further?

Currently running this on my system in the sig below (31 multi x 143 blck)


CPU Vcore - 1.343v (cant go any lower)

CPU PLL - 1.812v (Auto)

QPI/Dram Core - 1.2v (lowest setting)

DRAM Voltage - 1.654v


IOH - 1.111v (auto)

IOH PCIE - 1.515v (auto)

ICH - 1.111v (auto)


I was thinking of dropping DRAM voltage in increments and testing, think this will work? Dropping CPU temps is good, so should I try dropping general system temps too?


Thanks all

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