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Crysis Warhead high res fail


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This is a first.

I set up my own Eyfinity system for a resolution of 5760 x 1080. I start the fresh install of Crysis Warhead and the game loads, but as soon as I hit a key to continue, it goes black and eventually the machine restarts.

The error code is BCCode 116 which is that the driver reset timed out. All of the other games work, and I have checked the CFG files to make sure that it is set correctly and detecting resolution, system , Got rid of previous game save files, etc. I have also reinstalled the graphic drivers, and tried the previous version.

The game will run just fine when playing at the full resolution of one monitor (1920x1080) but fails when loaded at 5670x1080.

this one has me stumped. Any help appreciated.




AMD 1055T @ 4.1Ghz

4 x HD 5850 CFX

Asus Crosshair IV Formula

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i have had a similar problem but not in eyefinity, i was using multi monitors though and it was in fallout new vegas, try differnt drivers, it worked for me i wish i could remember what drivers i was using but i have since then got differnt graphics cards so icant really check

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