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You know how there is the Facebook Like button for each news article? And on the right sidebar how it is sorted by most recent comments?


I think there should be a module/app/whatever that lists them by most liked. Maybe not most liked of all time, but maybe monthly or weekly.

You can use the Facebook JSON API to get the value of each page, and save it somewhere in the database if you don't want to flood Facebook's servers.


What do you think?

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hmmm that could be doable..... I will have to look into that.

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// connect
$db = new MySQLi('localhost', 'DB USERNAME','DB PASSWORD');
if ( !$db ) { trigger_error($db->connect_error); exit; }
// select db
// query for all posts
$res = $db->query("SELECT DISTINCT post_id FROM `TABLE` ;");
if ( !$res ) { trigger_error($db->error); exit; }
// process results of first query
while ( $row = $res->fetch_assoc() ) {
$feedURL = "http://api.facebook.com/method/fql.query?query=select%20like_count%20from%20link_stat%20where%20url=%27http://www.overclockersclub.com/news/" . $row['COL OF NEWS ID'] . "%27&format=json";
$data = file_get_contents($feedURL);
$obj = json_decode($data);
$likecount = $obj->{'COL OF LIKE COUNT'};
$sql = sprintf("UPDATE `TABLE` SET `COL` = '%d' WHERE `post_id` = '%d' AND `meta_key` = 'ROW' LIMIT 1 ;", $likecount, $row['COL OF NEWS ID']);
$res2 = $db->query($sql);
if ( !$res2 ) { trigger_error($db->error); exit; }


Hope that helps some. It's what I use on my site. Not sure how the DB is set up for this site, so you would probably have to change a lot. And that's just the cron job to update how many likes there is. But it wouldn't be hard to list by how many likes.

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