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Wanted to make a thread to recommend some great Flash/Java games. I play most of these from time to time. My All-Time Favorite is Powder game. Feel free to comment and add your own!


Linerider Linerider.com

A classic. Draw lines and ride them. Simple yet complex with unlimited possibilities.


Motherload Miniclip.com

Awesome 2D mining game. Great story and challenging gameplay.


Powder Game dan-ball.com

The best Physics simulation game I have ever played. Updated with new elements every 4 weeks. A must play!


Stick Ranger dan-ball.com

Excellent and very challenging RPG.


Earth Editor dan-ball.com

Build your own planet from the core up!


Bow Man 2 FWG.com

Bows, Birds, and arrows what more do you need!


Fantastic Contraption fantasticcontraption.com

Build a physics based contraption to complete a level.


Fantastic Contraption 2 Sparkworks.com

The same as the first but with more challenging levels!


Champion Archer Stickpage.com

Lead an army with you on the battlefield as a Champion Archer!


Genghis Khan FWG.com

A great RTS. Units can upgrade to very high levels. Many ways to win.

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