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Hey All!


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Hello all!


I'm new here as you've probably guessed! I've just joined this sites [email protected] team so will be contributing as much as possible! I sadly don't have the worlds most amazing kit but i do what i can...


Heres a list of what my kit is and what its up to :)Jason's Folding Stats! My WU's!


Heres some pics of some of my [email protected] machines in action:






more info on me, plus all my projects (some which you may find pretty interesting) can be found at: Jason's Project Page! xD


Also my web server: Legacy Networks


Anyways, a big HELLO from me!



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Welcome to the Forums....and AWESOME Commodore there on the bottom shelf....love it


thanks for the warm welcome guys!


there is indeed some fairly vintage kit, the oldest being the commodore, then theres my server for various things which is a old laptop 256mb ram & celeron 433mhz


then theres a pentium 2 266Mhz with 64 MB ram which i use as a ubuntu server (no gui) web server and samba shares. again thats a laptop too i have mostly laptops due to power comsuption as well as low noise xD


I do have some up to date (ish) stuff my main laptop is a core 2 duo 2ghz with a 4750 gpu, 4gb ram, 500gb WD hdd


but hell yea commodore FTW!


it a original 1982 machine untouched but has a ethernet cartridge and is internet ready LOL




great fun on telnet etc!




worklog: Commodore 64

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Welcome! Nice projects, btw. I can't wait until my Xbox 360 has it's RRoD.... well, not really, but it's nice to know there's a fix (just a heat issue, really?).


Hey, yea its where the heat makes the motherboard hot which then makes the mobof flex and the clamp that holds the heatsink down doesn't keep the board straight which then leads to the GPU's solder joints breaking and leading the the RROD, theres afew other causes i think but thats the main one.


its the actual clamp thats the problem not so much the heat, heat is expected from 360's

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