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Black Mesa Release Date?


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Deathmineral has just said possibly the most amazing thing this year.



14 April 2011

01:20 - Deathmineral: I FIGURED IT OUT!

01:20 - Deathmineral: it's... headcrabs!

01:20 - DVXC: Really?

01:20 - Deathmineral: yes

01:21 - DVXC: LOL didn't work for me o_o

01:21 - Deathmineral: well clearly...

01:21 - Deathmineral: yours is broken

01:21 - DVXC: LMAO

01:23 - Deathmineral: must be different for everyone then

01:23 - DVXC: xD How'd you figure it out?

01:23 - Deathmineral: simple...

01:24 - Deathmineral: the start is Lim In

01:24 - Deathmineral: which is a way of saying Lemon

01:24 - Deathmineral: and Lemon can be a flavor of icing

01:24 - Deathmineral: and since headcrab zombies are always screaming about icing...

01:24 - Deathmineral: headcrabs

01:25 - DVXC: ...

01:25 - DVXC: SAVED.

Edited by Danrik

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Also note that this is not implied to be affiliated with the creators of BlackMesa whatsoever.


It says right on the bottom "A Black Mesa fan site.", probably just someone trolling for a million hits.

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So it's obvious that Death has way too much free time to come up with random answers. :lol:


Stupid website troll.. was hoping it'd be something actually related to Black Mesa. Ah well, there is always next decade.

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