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Bios Won't Recognize SSD


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A few hours ago i was logging onto my computer. Once the desktop appeared, it completely froze. So I did what i usually do when it freezes, push the restart button on the top. Once it got into the BIOS, it was really laggy. It took a while for the BIOS to go through, and i noticed it didnt recognize my SSD or my two optical drives, just my storage drive. Then it got into the AHCI driver and same thing. Then it said i needed to repair windows, but i believe it said this because it was trying to boot up from the storage drive which has parts of Windows on it (users folder, many programs, etc.). Currently I am running an old hard drive with Windows 7 in my computer and i accessed the storage drive to find that everything is A OK. Unfortunately, my old hard drive was set up with IDE sata mode so it doesnt support plug and play so i cant plug my SSD in when Windows is booted, and whenever I plug it in and restart (with AHCI enabled) it isn't recognized in the BIOS.

I NEED HELP! I luckily don't have any important files on this SSD, though i would like to not have to replace it. Any suggestions?

Thanks :D

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