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New Toy: Burny RLC-55 Planet Burst


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Well... after making some decent cash by fixing and selling junked computers, I decided to treat myself to a new toy. It's a Burny RLC-55 and the finish is called Planet Burst. Burny is the name Fernandes goes by in Japan.


I've been watching a couple of these for 2 years now on evilbay and finally saw one come up in the UK for a great price, so I jumped on it. The War Department gave me the evil eye, but I didn't care. I wanted to get back into playing and needed a hard tail so I can mess with tuning much easier and not have to RE-setup a damn Floyd which can take over an hour sometimes.


I've normally played Ibanez, Jackson/Charvel, Kramer and the production BC Rich models, so getting used to an axe with a neck angle should prove interesting.



Body: Mahogany

Neck: Maple

Fretboard: Rosewood (I would've preferred Ebony)

Pickups: Burny PAF set


Upgrades done so far.

Tuners: Sperzel Locking Tuners

Tailpiece: Gibson TP-6



Upcoming Upgrades


Controls: New CTS 500k Audio Taper Volume & Tone Pots with tone caps. The factory wiring and soldering job is a complete cluster., so I'm redoing the wiring anyway


Pickups: This is still up in the air, but the stock ones do sound great, but don't like Drop-D all that much. The guitar is overloaded with chrome as it is, so I'm opting for BLACK pickups, but leaving the chrome pickup rings. I haven't decided if I want to go with another set of Lace Drop & Gains (My Moser Custom Shop Samurai has them), or the John Petrucci DiMarzio Liquifire/Crunch Lab set.




































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