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Danrik's Game Commentary


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Welcome to my game commentary! Based in the UK, I hope to bring you gaming and miscellaneous entertainment in short daily bursts!

Below you can find a full list of all of my playlists, old and new.

Bioshock Infinite

Spec Ops: The Line


Crysis 2


Crysis 1

Mini Ninjas

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


Feel free to post any suggestions for commentaries in this thread or by email. I'll also accept suggestions at any of the alternative locations posted below.

Email: DVXC gaming on Gmail
My Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/diviexi
DVXC on Tumblr: http://solidsnakesarse.tumblr.com/
DVXCgaming on Tumblr: http://dvxcgaming.tumblr.com/
DVXC on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/atDVXC
atDVXCgaming on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/atDVXCgaming
atDVXCgaming Game Progress: http://tinyurl.com/DVXCgamingProgress

Hope you enjoy! biggrin.gif Edited by Viexi

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j/k :P Looks sweet dude, what all games do you have in the pipeline?

You mean what games am I planning on doing?


I'm not entirely sure at all. All my available ones on Steam are here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Danrik/games?tab=all


And then I have a load of physical copies of games, like DA:O, BC2, FO:NV, Fable 1. Nothing too recent. I was more hoping on suggestions, rather than just doing what I want to do :)

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How about BioShock 2, Darksiders, The Witcher, Burn Zombie Burn, and Fable.

I have really thought about Darksiders actually. The thing is with my current schedule and bandwidth, running the three games I have at the moment is taking up far more time than it should. They upload at about 50kbps, and the filesizes vary from 200mb to about 800mb. I'm stretched as is :( Trying to get my nan (the billpayer) to renegotiate a package with our ISP at the moment. You can imagine how well THAT'S going...

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Have to say that im enjoying your play-through videos mate :)

I would say to go with The Witcher when you finally can move on to another game. Its an awesome game and because of it story progression i think it can lead to some nice commentary.

Keep up the good job and ill keep watching ;)

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Bump! I have a few notifications:


  • Updated first post with a link to the "Amnesia: Justine" commentary
  • Halted uploads of Crysis 1 & 2 due to an ISP DLM test. Due to Amnesia (DD & J) being much darker, their filesizes are smaller and can still be uploaded in a relatively short period of time. Uploads should resume within a few days.
  • Posted a Bulletin on atDVXCgaming: So Amnesia: Justine is in full swing! What do you think? I have an important message about it. It's come to my attention that I've missed out a few key things in order to receive the "best ending", so I'll be replaying the game and checking those tickboxes. The videos already posted therefore wont reflect the correct actions to get this ending, but I decided it was best to do this and show you the INTENDED ending, rather than replay the entire thing again, falsifying my adrenaline rushes. <3
  • Added a placeholder playlist for Portal 2

Edited by Danrik

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