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Helping friend upgrade gamer PC.. again lol

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Agreed!! I got myself a DF-85 as well. Its an amazing case, Infact i think you made a post recently about which case to get?? If im remember right, im the one that suggest you get the DF-85 in the first place lololol.


true lol :D but I chose it because of it having the lowest temps in reviews here at OCC :P

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My brother had an issue where if he OCed his GTX 460 then WoW would run at like 10-25 FPS vs. solid 60 FPS non-OC. It turns out that WoW has DX11 features that really kick the snot out of computers, and it just happened to activate when he OCed (I have no F'in idea why). There should be a thread in the official WoW forum about disabling DX11.

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