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Is it me, my luck or the software?

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gaaah my computer went to sleep during night -_- I've just formatted but forgot to fix power options..


Have your tried running maybe prime95 in blend mode in windows and see if it fails at all?? (make sure "Round Off Checking" is enabled)


How long should I run it?


12 hours?


if it doesn't fail I'll try Memtest86+, and if that fails I'll try to bump the voltage a bit..



No errors in Prime95 for 12 hours... doing memtest86+ now... This will show if there is a difference between Memtest86 and Memtest86+



A pass took 18 mins, but got errors in test 3 after first pass... gaaaaaaaah (see attachment)


maybe try bumpin up the ram voltage two clicks and see if it passes. Hopefully it's not your motherboard


When you say 2 clicks, how much is that? hitting the + button twice (=0.0125) or 0.02 or 0.2 or ?



Topic sort of changed direction;



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