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GPU performance drop overclocking

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Hello, I'm new here but in my quest to solve this I liked what I saw so here I am. I have a question about my chip, since purchasing this chip two years and two motherboards ago I've noticed that a lot of marks and games show a GPU performance drop on a curve with my overclocks. I am aware that some engines simply do not like overclocking but is there any chance there are other circumstances at work here? Generally the frame rate loss is a small price to pay for the way the rest of the system performs but it would be nice if I could tighten something up and have it be a little less then 10% (usually the max i see). I have tried everything from my PCI latency to the PCI-e speed even syncing the HT with the ram, FSB and CPU speeds but the GPU just seems happiest on stock settings (even lower then stock on the old motherboard)


CPU: Core2duo E7200 @ 3.16Ghz with a 1333 FSB,

Stock CPU: 2.5Ghz, 1066FSB


memory: 2X1GB Gskill DDR2 dual channel timings are 4-4-4-10-14 @ 800Mhz 1.9v

Stock memory: 5-5-5-15-24 @ 800Mhz 1.8v-2.0v



GPU: XFX Radeon HD5850 1GB 760/1075 (725/1000 stock)


Motherboard: XFX nFORCE 780i 3-way SLI


PSU: Thermaltake 650W


HDD: 2x1TB in raid, 1.5TB stand alone both SATA


All voltages are stock other then the ram, I have tried increasing them simply to root out the problem to no avail.




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Well the question really is how stable is the OC? If the chip is not stable and is making many errors this will slow the system down during load ops.


The only time I have noticed a drop out in performance is when the OC becomes unstable. Other then that I have only seen gains from OC'in.

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