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So after a bit of thought and some ideas ive decided that rather than slowly doing little bits and pieces of work to my current computer i would just leave it as it is for now and go all out and do a complete rebuild almost to the point of a scratch build but not quite.


The Difference is what im going for is a all out super watercooled build stripping out everything and basically just using the outer shell and the middle devidor and rebuilding everything else.


The front panel that came with it was fairly busted up with most of the plastic tabs that are used as hinges snapped off.


The capabilities im going to build in are as follows

Room for 17 drives minimum (thats if airflow really goes to . with the fans im looking at) but at current estimates ill have room for 24. though if i was desperate i could put 10 in the motherboard side which atm im not planning on.


dual 360mm radiators - most likely Black Ice SR1's atm due to only having 405mm top to bottom


Making the side panels open similar to like it does on on a car boot hatch by using some small gas lift struts. Kind of like this


All grills and windows are going to be made using a hexagon pattern with the rear windows having the pattern over the whole window but the front windows being around the edges etc with the specific pattern yet to be decided.


The main colour scheme is going to be black with white highlits and lighting but with the hardware itself being blue aswell(im hoping to end up using AMD blulldozer in it and im REALLY hoping that Gigabyte use the black colour scheme from the current P67 line up in the new AMD line up when thats released.


At the moment im very open to suggestions which is how ive gotten most of my ideas so far.


ill be completely remaking the front panel from scratch. and the only thing ill be keeping from the original is the hinge that connects to the rest of the case. im hoping to get it made up at a local laser cutters who also have the equipment to do folding.


heres a basic diagram of what it looks like drawn up in autoCAD . the tabs on the side will be folded 90 degrees backwards as thats the front veiw.




The small slits on the side are 3mm thick which is the thickness of some acrylic i have here which ill be slotting a small amount in there and back lighting it.


The large cuttouts will hopefully (if i can find somewhere with stock) have a hex perforated Mesh like this if anyone knows where i can get some thats not too expensive im very interested.


Im uploading some pics of the mostly stripped out case showing its current state. they are just phone pics for now, im not too fussed about picture quality at the moment but when i get nearer to the end i will take some better quality phones using my DSLR which takes a bit more effort, and here they are




EDIT: i forgot to link to the front panel image,


ive also just emailed the laser cutting company assking for a quote on the job im really hoping i can get it done for under $100 including the steel itself, it should be interesting to see how this goes though ill probably have to wait till monday to get a answer.


PS i thought i would mention this is just copied from the original thread on my home forum Overclockers Australia

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