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FBI can't crack murder code


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ST. LOUIS — Are you good at solving puzzles and cracking codes? If so, the Federal Bureau of Investigation needs your help in cracking a code connected to a homicide in Missouri.


The mystery begins in a St. Louis field on June 30, 1999. Ricky McCormick, 41, was found dead there, and his killer hasn't been caught.


That's where you come in. The FBI said two encrypted notes were found in the victim's pants, and their code crackers haven't been able to figure out what the notes mean.


"We are really good at what we do," said Dan Olson, the chief of the FBI's Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit. "But we could use some help with this one."


"Breaking this code could reveal the victim's whereabouts before his death and could lead to the solution of a homicide," Olson said. "Not every cipher we get arrives at our door under those circumstances."


“Even if we found out that he was writing a grocery list or a love letter, we would still want to see how the code is solved. This is a cipher system we know nothing about," Olson said.


McCormick was a high school dropout, but he was able to read and write and was said to be “street smart,” the FBI said. Members of his family told authorities that he had used such encrypted notes since he was a boy, but it’s unknown whether anyone besides McCormick could translate his secret language.


The FBI said investigators believe the notes, which contain more than 30 lines, were written up to three days before his death.


If you have an idea how to break the code, or you have seen similar codes, contact the FBI:


FBI Laboratory

Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit

2501 Investigation Parkway

Quantico, VA 22135

Attn: Ricky McCormick Case









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Well if I was a murderer (I promise I am not) I think I would leave something like this just so the FBI or police would be too wrapped up trying to figure out what it meant though I feel like I can crack this.

I don't know why but I used to make up codes for fun.


Edit: while I try to read it I get a really creepy feeling and I can't explain it but I feel like I understand it. I must sound crazy, I am too tired to figure it out now.

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I don't know how the FBI is having a problem with this. I think if anyone with half a brain and all the resources that the FBI has, they should crack this code easily. I think I could crack it if I had the FBI's resources. I see allot of the letter series NCBE , Sometimes following numbers, or WLD. There are also alot of words ending in E. There are punctuation marks, decimals, and fractions that can be a big help in cracking this. I don't see why they can't do it.

If the FBI really wants this cracked they should ask the people who cipher the bible. They are so obsessed with ciphering it, they probably tried every possible tool they can find.

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There are so many issues that need to be discussed before you can even start to crack it. Was he American? Did he have any ties to any foreign countries, gangs, mob? What was he wearing exactly? was it a suite, jeans and tee shirt, or jeans and a sport jacket? These things can help figure out what the circumstances were. The FBI should know this.

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