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Which video card should I go with?

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Recently, i was given a new desktop by my parents ( for my birthday 3 months ago ) and by far it's doing what it can. Crysis 2 came out, tried it and got defeated after attempting to go 1920x1080 at Extreme Graphics Settings. I can play Crysis 2 on very high settings at 1680 x 1040. The PC setup consists of the FF:



AMD Phenom X2 555 3.0 Ghz Black Edition

Sapphire ATI Radeon 5670 1GB DDR5

4GB Emaxx PC 1333 DDR3

Asrock 880GM-LE Motherboard

WD Caviar Blue 500gb SATA 3

Cougar CMX 700w Power Supply

NZXT Lexa S ATX Mid Tower Computer Case


It's just a gift and who am I to complain about free stuff especially a rig. As stated above it's running on ATI Radeon 5670 which is not the best card out there but can do the job. Anyways, I'm planning to upgrade the video card and rather confused as to which one I should get.


> Radeon 6850

> Radeon 6870

> Radeon 6950


My motherboard only has a single PCI-E slot so no crossfire for me. Below, is a link with information about my motherboard.


Going back, which card should I get in preparation for Guild Wars 2. My budget (my own money) is around $210 to $250. I'm planning to run Guild Wars 2 at 1920x1080 Max Graphics settings.

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My motto is never upgrade before a game comes out or at least without a system requirement posted. My reasons: Prices change, hardware changes, and you may have saved more money.


Guild Wars 2 doesn't have an official release date yet. It will most likely be pushed back to 2012, if they are trying to shoot for late 2011. Still a lot of things they are working on this game that they haven't released info about yet.

We also have a Guild Wars 2 discussion board. However its mainly just me posting information. I think we have some closeted GW fans though.

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6850 vs 6870 is like car with turbo or car without turbo


6870 vs 6950.... toe to toe. 6950 got more memory bandwidth and more textures but 6870 got more pixels.... amount of pixels is very important. more pixels means more potential capacity...... you can overclock it furthur than 6950.


stock 6870 vs stock 6950..... stock 6950 faster by 2 frame rate per seconds.


overclocking capatibility........... 6870 win.


6870 1gb vs 6950 2gb....... 6950 2gb win.


which will i choose? 6870. plus quad crossfire 6870. plus overclocking.

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