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Best video game storyline?


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So recently I've taken an interest to storyline driven games, by that I mean adventure driven games that are mostly based around the story of the events / character you are playing through the game.


The game that sort of got me into this is Penumbra: now initially I was just googling scary games / good single player fps, when I ran across the Penumbra series


So I wiki'd the penumbra series and read the storyline for each of the games, I was so intrigued by the storyline of this game (and partially the spookiness of the game and the intent of over the top goose bump creation that ensued after watching some gameplay footage on youtube). That I decided I want to find some of the best story line driven games and play them.


I haven't had a chance to play penumbra other than a demo (which I really enjoyed) but it took me a while to get the stupid graphics set up right (its a little older of a game) and I still couldn't get them to look right from what I had seen on youtube. So that kind of pulled me away from the game, I'm not so keen on spending the 20 bucks if I'm going to have issues getting the graphics to work right.


Anyway long story short, what are in your guys' opinions some of the best video game story lines? They can be dark / scary story lines or just generally good, though I'm leaning my interest into the dark / scary story lines.


Edit: Bioshock and bioshock 2 are certainly on my list.

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Hmmm... This one is pretty hard for me, I mostly play games for the storyline so deciding on just a few isn't easy for me.


I think I will just list 5 of my favorites, not in any particular order.



Zeno Clash

Beyond Good & Evil




I have a ton of others that I love but the list would be a little too long I think. :lol:

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Its Assassins Creed for me , its just a very hooking story throughout the series . Conspiracys and action just seem to work well together and it provides a very nice overall feel .

After AC1 got me hooked I always have bought the latest Assassins creed game on the day it was released .

It just sucks that the pc version of a new AC only comes later and I can never wait that long :P

I also liked Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic series, it also had a nice story along with the Mass Effect series .

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Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect, Tomb Raider Legend and Underworld, Uncharted 2(PS3), Bioshock, Crysis/Warhead, Halflife 1 and 2, FEAR, The Witcher.


These are games that I got way into the story and had a hard time trimming down a playing session because I wanted to see what was next.

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