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hey guys, finally decided to build myself a new pc for pretty much whatever, gaming , video editing.. you name it. Whatever it does, i want it to do it easy.


this is what im looking:

CPU - Intel Core i7 990X

Video Card: Gigabyte Radeon HD6990 4GB

RAM - Corsair 12GB Kit Dominator GT

Mobo - Gigabyte G1-Sniper ATX

Hard Drive - OCZ RevoDrive X2 PCI-Express SSD 240GB (will also buy a 2tb drive just for storage)

Power Supply - Corsair HX-1000


I already have a case, will probably buy the V8 cooler for the cpu aswell and the small things like a blu ray drive etc.


What you guys think?

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Even though you want to go all out, I'd instead go for the i7 2600k.


Instead of the HD 6990 4GB, go with two HD 6970 2GB's.


Invest in watercooling those suckers.


Instead of the Corsair HX-1000, get the Corsair AX-1200.


Buy 4 Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB's to put in RAID 10 for storage.


With the money you save by going with the i7 2600k, you can get another HD 6970 2GB for tri-fire, or buy a 30" 2560 x 1600 monitor.

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I used to be a Gigabyte fan, but I have found over the last year or so, the lifespan of the boards are getting very short. Also they like to argue with trying to do RMA's as well. I have been doing custom builds for the shop I work for, and after getting 3 rejected RMA's (For no reason, Systems were not abused and not overclocked because they were for business use, had all the covers back in them, even sent the original invoice's with them), I have switched over to ASUS boards.


As far as what board I would recommend over the Gigabyte, I am a big fan of the one i'm using in my newest build, the EVGA X58 SLI x3. I have heard a lot of good things about the EVGA line and I have been happy with mine. The only problem I have had is that the VREG temps are high due to not enough air flow on the heatsink. It is a simple fix with a couple of fans and creativity to bring the temps back down to par!!


I have also built a few through my shop with the ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard. I have not played around with much overclocking but my customers have been very happy with the stability of the systems, running with the automatic overclocking running at 20%.


I agree with Capitan on the CPU. The 2600k is a very good processor, and it is easy to overclock. I have a i7 3200k and am quite happy with it even though it is somewhat tricky to overclock. I have mine running stable at 3.59Ghz on air cooling. I know I can get it a tid bit higher on just air but it does not take for some reason.


Watercooling is a must for running multiple VGA cards just to keep the heat down, and as far as the memory, I am running some cheap memory in my system because I just ran out of money at the end of the build.


Well thats my 2 cents worth. Hopefully it helps and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also if someone sees something that I forgot to mention, call me out on it. I am used to just reading forum posts and not being the one that is trying to help out!!!

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