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Xbox 360 mod

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Ok so my friend and I are modding hs 360 as a school project.

This is the basic plan.

Take the Xbox 360 and water cool it and put the whole system in an old 1995 IBM case

We have some very basic plans but we have problem.

we would like to hook up a power switch for the 360 and have it on the front of the case and then the next one is how can we turn the wc loop on with a switch on the fron of the case?

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which one is it? the slim or the fat one?


in any case i'm guessing the older one. there is a easy mod to use a PSU instead of the stupid external grey psu it comes with. this way you can have it all on one grid to avoid a disaster. also its good to note M$ bans anything they can detect modded and that includes voltage differences so keep that in mind you most likely won't be able to play with it online.

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Talismoon PSU Energyzer. One end goes to the PC PSU's motherboard plug, the other goes into the 360 external power slot.


Replace your original power supply with a standard ATX Computer power supply of your choice. Now you can have an inexpensive replacement, or, opt for more power, less noise, or both! The Talismoon PSU Energyzer requires no assembly or wiring - just plug it in, turn on your PC power supply, and turn on your Xbox 360.



Specifications :

The PSU Energyzer is a special cable with an OEM Xbox 360 power plug on one end, and a 20 pin ATX connector on the other.

Please note that the original Xbox 360 Power Supply provides 203 watts, and 12v DC current at 16.5 amps, and 5v DC at 1 Amp. For the PSU energyzer to work, your PC power supply must provide this much SUSTAINED power at a minimum. Many PC power supplies are rated for PEAK power instead of sustained power, so you must check the label of your power supply to see if it provides enough sustained power.




Without Adapter:


Method 1

Method 2

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