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Sabertooth X58 troubleshooting.

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Alright so I have the wierdest issue with my new build. I've got a Sabertooth X58 motherboard, i7 950 cpu, and Patriot Viper Extreme 2000 mhz RAM (I also have a cheap, compatibly listed stick as a tester).


Background: After the build was complete I turned it on for the first time and got no display. My only indication of an issue was the DRAM_LED. I tried all my sticks of RAM in every slot with no luck. I reset CMOS, changed the PCI-E slot of my GPU, checked all pins, remounted fan and reseated CPU etc. Still had the same issue. I tried the memOK! button but no matter how long I held it down the DRAM_LED would not start blinking like it was supposed to - however the CPU_LED came on while I was holding down the memOK! switch. Oh, and the board did POST with no RAM in, I got 1 long + 2 short beeps as I was supposed to. I recently RMA'd the motherboard since I was at a dead end and to my dismay I had the same issue. All of a sudden earlier I tried the memOK! switch again and after about 15 seconds of holding I just said screw it and let go, and then the DRAM_LED started blinking, the computer booted and I got into the BIOS. I checked the hardware settings and the CPU was running at 39 Celcius.. Unfortunately I didn't check what the RAM was running at. While installing Windows the computer restarted once, no problem. It restarted again and then froze at the Sabertooth X58 image. I force shut down and rebooted and the CPU_LED was on so I cursed a few times and switched off the PSU. I reset the CMOS and the CPU_LED went away and the DRAM_LED came back. Now no matter how hard I try (I've literally been trying for an hour) I can't seem to get the memOK! switch to get the DRAM_LED to blink. I took off my Coolermaster Hyper-212 plus since I thought the backplate might be shorting the mobo and installed the stock cooler, and that didn't fix anything. Again, I post with no RAM in. Some other info - I have 9 standoffs in the proper places, I think the screws I used may have been too large but I'm pretty positive this isn't a problem (no sign of shorting or anything of that sort - and if it was I don't think I could have gotten BIOS anyway).



While I'm sorry for the wall of text, I'd REALLY like to get this solved. Hopefully some wiz out there has a suggestion on what to do. I have a new CPU coming in a few days but I'm skeptical that this will solve the issue (I went with this option because of the fact that when I hold down memOK! the CPU_LED comes on, possibly indicating that it can't get past the memory controller in the CPU). Anyway, whoever can help me fix this problem wins 100 internets. Thanks in advance.

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