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memory speed

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Interesting. sound like the memory may already be messed up. I would put the Chip itself back to the factory set clocks, voltages etc and do the same with the Memory. After that do a stability test to see if the thing passes through ok with the ram jacked up to factory. After you have done that if there is an error in the stabilty test run Memtest86 for an hour and see if it generates any errors.

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Is your ram a matched Dual Channel kit?, or just 4 sticks of the same brand/series?

if all 4 sticks aren't a matched set of dual channel it won't run any faster the weakest stick.

Boinker is right, the number of sticks you have don't determine your memory speed

Although, some boards have problems (or used to) running memory at higher speeds

with more than 2 sticks installed.

Your memory speed is calculated by multiplying your base clock (FSB) by your memory multiplier.

Depending on your manufacturer your bios may show your actual memory multiplier , or a selection

of different memory speeds. (ie: 1066, 1333, 1600, etc) but your mem speed is still calculated the same way.

memory running at 1600 uses a multiplier of 4 so: FSB of 200(stock) X 4 = 800 mhz memory speed.

Because your using dual channel memory, the memory can act on both a rising and falling clock signal.

This means even though your memory clock is 800, your memory is able to respond to each

clock signal twice, so your memory is able to function as if it were operating at a 1600 clock rate.

Back to the problem at hand, Set your memory at their recommended timings and voltage,

and set your command rate to 2T .

Test all four sticks at their default speed (1066?) and make sure they are stable at that speed,

If they test good, try running them at 1366 and retest. If all still looks good, try running just two sticks

at 1600 and retest.

If those two sticks look good, remove them and test the other two sticks at 1600. If one pair won't

run for you at 1600, then test each stick of that pair one at a time to determine which one won't handle 1600.

This will tell you if you have a bad stick, or if there is something else going on.

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