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Best Upgrade Options?

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Owenisbad that is such a troll comment! He wants a CPU not a bulldozer!? Are you serious? It's people like you that should have more repsect and stay off these forums. Also, it's my personal opinion that £2500k is far too expensive for any type of bulldozer you can buy.




I loled :lol:

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Waiting is hard, but I'm still thinking I'll stick it out until the Bulldozer launch.


The price of current AM3 stuff does make things tempting, particularly with a 1055T now being only about £130.


Then there are things like this Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3 board on eBay that mean I could probably do a CPU and mobo upgrade for under £200 (already have RAM remember).


(note: I have watching that board on eBay, it was previously listed for £45 but didn't sell... I was surprised).

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