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Ok, I'm going to try to keep this up-to-date, and ordered by the number of recommendations. When making a recommendation, please include:

- Price range (in USD)

- Manufacturer and name of case

- Hyperlink to official website showcasing the case

- Personal opinion (pros and cons) - try to limit it to personal experience


I'd like to recommend the CM Trooper to go along with the other CM offerings...

$100 - $200 range

CoolerMaster Storm series Trooper



After going with it for my newest rig,I am even more impressed with this case than I was with the Sniper that I used for my last build... The black interior, grommeted openings in the mobo tray, along with the case's sheer size allow for a very clean and organized appearance. The flexibility and expansion possibilities also put this case above many others. Whether its for added fans, optical or hard drives, SSD's, or watercooling, this case makes assembly easy.

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Rosewill Challenger ATX Mid-Tower Gaming Case-U3

Price Range: $50-75 ($59 atm, goes down to $40 quite often on newegg though, got mine for $30 same site two years ago- reviews are so good price has doubled in last 2 years)

Product Link: http://www.rosewill.com/products/1533/productDetail.htm

Personal Experience: Amazing case for the price range, probably the best. Had mine for over 2 years now, still incredibly happy with it. Cools as well as many $100+ full towers, however not nearly as attractive and sound dampening is a bit lacking. But aside from that, it has everything going for it: ESPECIALLY in it's price range. Easy access, plenty of room for a mid tower. Backplate has access for tower coolers. Tall enough Hyper 212 Plus, unlike many mid towers. LARGE side panel grating for cooling. Plenty of fan slots and natural airflow. eSATA port on front panel. PAINTED INTERIOR. Tool-less design. Simple, yet attractive, though not a "signature" design of any kind. The U3 edition has USB 3.0 front panel ports for only $5 more than the USB2.0 base edition (Non-U3) (from $54/59 for USB2/3)


My only flaw in this case is sound dampening. However, if like me you decide to go entirely aftermarket (replace all stock fans) it's quiet as anything. I used to have a crappy PSU, and it was louder in my case than another old HP case (which was 1mm thick steel.) As long as you put decent fans in it though, it's completely silent.


Extra product link (newegg):

Rosewill Challenger-U3 (USB 3.0 edition) -$59.99 (at time of posting)

Rosewill Challenger (USB 2.0 edition) -$54.99 (at time of posting)


The ONLY difference between the base edition and the U3 is the front panel USB ports. There is literally nothing else changed.

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For the Mid Tower Section, I'd recommend Corsair Carbide 400R (I use it) because it's awesome and it can fit a full XSPC RASA 750 RS240 Watercooling kit in it and can house pretty long Graphics Card. You have a button on the front that allows you to turn off the LEDs in both front fans for when you want to sleep without having those spotlight in your face XD.


The price range is between 80-99$ in Canada.


There is also a very good cable management in that case (even with 12 High performance Fans like I did :P).


The case has an handle on the top for easy carrying around when going to LAN or to chummy's house.


USB 3.0 front Ports as well as a Firewire.


All the 3.5" HDD carriage can accomodate 2.5" SSD.


There is 4 x 5.25" bay.


PSU is mounted at the bottom.


Thumb Screws for both side panels.


I got the case for 69,99$ from NCIX but I am pretty sure there are other deals around that price if you look around the internet.


Give me a sign If I ever forgot something as I am at work and I was in a rush (a whole floor lost the internet access and it was 2 huge Cisco switches that had problems but it is solved now)!!!!

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Got a case to add to the list



Fractal Design ARC Mini



Great little m-ATX case. Fractal design quality, high class black with white accents - good for those tired of endless amouts of LEDs

Good aircooling performance - heaps of fan slots

Stock fans are silent

Good for watercooling - if you feel in the modding mood (fitted a 3x120mm up top and a 2x120mm up front in a friends build)

Great dust filtering



Plastic bezels - its aluminium look-alike, but is actually plastic.


Catagory - mini tower

Price $99 USD


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I highly recommend the Coolermaster Cosmos 2



Price: $325 - $350      Newegg


Pros: Size

  •          Attention to detail
  •          Wire management opportunities
  •          A watercooling Dream
  •          Hot Swap Bays (lockable)
  •          Supreme airflow and Options
  •          Completely Filtered
  •          Top and front sliding conceal panels
  •          Ergonomics
  •         Hardware quality
  •         Built in Fan Control

This is the best production case I have ever used. You can fit any size motherboard, and as much of a build as you want. I have three radiators, two pumps, four GPU's, and three power supplies in mine and it still does not feel crowded. The side panels are hinged and open like cars doors as well as being constructed like auto doors with sound deadening material inside. The interior is divided off into two chambers that keeps the PSU, water pumps, etc in a separate area and  helps with airflow.  As far as looks, you either dig it or you don't, but It is the first case I really have no cons to report. It is spectacularly good.


OCC Cosmos 2 Review

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NZXT Phantom

Category: Full tower


  • sexy
  • 5 channel fan controller to shut the stock fans up
  • plenty of screws and shit in case you like to lose things


  • paint chips off too easily
  • stock fans a little loud
  • only 7 expansion ports, expect and want more for a full tower

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Since I didn't see it on the list, I'd like to throw in my recommendation for the Carbide Air 540 by Corsair. 



Corsair Carbide Air 540

Category: Mid-Tower



  • High-quality matte-finish
  • Clean, un-ostentatious design
  • Three high quality LED fans included by Corsair
  • Great cooling
  • Effortless cable management
  • Unique design keeps parts separate for the best airflow possible
  • Tons of space for radiators


  • HDD cages are poor quality
  • Somewhat large
  • Not a particularly quiet case (this ultimately depends on your fans)

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You know, if I could go back knowing that my current build would be so over budget I'd probably have gone with the Carbide Air.

I've had my eye on one for some time now.

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