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My dad's Antec 300 was nice, my cousin's NZXT Gamma wasn't too bad either.

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I would also like to mention the antec 300.


Nice cheap case.

Good quiet fans.

Lots of modding options.



No real problems. On the small side.

Paint on the one I have is a little orange peeled.

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HAF-X -$189.99




Amazing cable management

VGA card bracket (optional /80mm x 15mm fan mount on bracket.)

Ducted side panel fan 200mm

Internal ducted fan mount (attaches to HDD cage, holds a 120mm fan)

All black inside

usb 3.0 front panel

Hot swap HDD bays (supports SSD)

HUGE amount of space inside for everything from Reservoirs to radiators.

PSU cover (hides all your wires, aids in cable management)

Front LED light on/off switch (MAJOR plus)

When the Fan duct/vga bracket are installed you can hide the motherboard and any wires behind them.

Comes with a single SSD adapter for cooler master's drive caddys.

Tool-free hardware installation with a simple button press

comes with 3 200mm fans, (front, top, side.)

Rear exhaust is a 140mm

9 PCI slots on the back supports quad SLI/quad fire.

includes optional wheels.






USB 3.0 front panel requires you to route 2 usb 3.0 cables out one of the back watercooling loop holes and into the usb 3.0 ports on your i/o

only 2 hot swap HDD bays.

Dust build up

Only one fan is filtered.

Side fan duct cannot be used with the vga card bracket...(I made it work by reversing the duct's position but with my lightbars on my bracket It will not work)






Another reason for the HAF-X below.



Uploaded with ImageShack.us

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A bit surprised all the CM HAF series cases are there, except the 922. I own this case since about a year and a half, and, am seriously impressed with it.


Price Range: $50 - $99 (I think the MRP is $110, but, never seen it at that price, atleast on Newegg)

Manufacturer and Name of Case: Cooler Master HAF 922 Mid Tower

Manufacturer's Website Link: HAF 922 - Cooler Master


Personal Experience:



+ Huge for a mid tower with tons of space inside

+ Awesome ventilation using the default configuration.

+ Looks (Subjective, I know)

+ Excellent Cable Management Facilities

+ Tool less wherever necessary (Using thumbscrews on the PCI Slots is actually a positive as far as I am concerned)

+ Great for a newbie to building. (This was the first ever build I did myself, and, was extremely surprised at how easy it was)



- Side fan not included by default (Not really that big a con, since airflow capabilities are already good, and a side fan would make it an even bigger dust magnet)

- Interior not painted

- Probably the biggest - A huge dust magnet

- Which brings me to the next point - No air filters except for the front intake

- Not that 'flashy' when it comes to lighting (Again, subjective)

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I've been taking a look at some of the cases, and the Cooler Master 690 II Advanced is looking mighty nice, especially for watercooling with a 120.2 rad.

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From the cases I've owned I would strongly recommend the antec 300, it's probably the best value case you can buy.

Also the storm scout is a great case, the only real issue with it is its a little cramped at the top and it isn't long enough for some graph cards.

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I have a CM 690 and like it but if i have to build a new rig a would definitely choose a CM Sniper case. http://www.newegg.ca/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811119194


- This case look nice ( interior all black )

- got great air flow ( 3x 200mm + 120mm ) and silent if you want ( fan speed control )

- Dust filter

- Big enough to fit any card in

- handle on top and wheel in the bottom ( or the rubber feet )

- 11 drive bays ( tool less )

- on top of the case : 4 usb,1 e-sata, 1 firewire, headphone jack,mic jack



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@ Rockrtx, I have the CM Sniper case (Black Edition), and I'm close to recommending it, but it's a bit expensive ($150 in the US at Newegg). I bought mine on Craigslist for $80, if I remember correctly, and if it was that price, I would have definitely recommended it. Except, I think there are better cases around that price range. Cooler Master fans in generally are lousy, and even at the lowest setting for the 200mm fans, you can still hear them a little. The case rattles at times, and if you have enough static charge built up, if you discharge it on the case, it can BSOD or reboot. All your descriptions about the case are pros, and besides my quibbles, it's a very nice case.

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I have to admit it is a bit pricy at 150$.......the 129$ special is not that bad IMO but it is not USD price.


A CM 690 is 79$ US

Thing that a CM Sniper as more than 690 to justify higher price:


- Dust filter

- fan speed control

- handle on top

- wheels at the bottom


I have read that if you tap the top of the case some will reset the system ( bad reset button? )


But why this case will BSOD or reboot with a discharge and not others case?

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