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Price at 230



Personal opinion


1. Great air flow

2. tool-less design


4. support long card (long enough for 5970)

5. sleek design

6. side window

7. washable fan filters




1. high price

2. no place for radioator mounting

3. some coolers do not work in the 90-degree mounting

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Maybe add the offical links given in the recommendations to the name of each case in the first thread.

Grr... more work for me! Good idea though.

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90 USD

- Personal opinion


1. Insane air flow

2. tool-less design and a lot of hdd racks.

3. Competitive pricing

4. Support for long vid cards

5. Lots of fans comes with it

6. top mount radiator with dual 140mm fans for wcing.

7.Dust Filters

8.Looks beautiful

9.All Intake fans have leds,and also has a great side window,with an led fan.

10.Can fit the biggest coolers out there,im using the NH-D14 with a sufficient clearance,

11.Full black interior

12.Nice cable management and cut out to store cable that aren't being used.


1. Have to clean the dust filter every two months(Not sure if this should be a con)

2. If have a huge cpu cooler then some blocking issues with mounting and demounting HDDs.

3. ROM Tool-less mounting brackets a bit lose,( i would use the screws that come with the case intead of the mounting brackets for roms).

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Cooler Master "CM 690 II Advanced"


Price: $80 - 100 USD ($90 on newegg with $10 shipping.)


I don't personally own this case but highly recommend it to others according to their price range.



Dust filters! - A feature rarely seen on mid-tower cases, and even more rarely at sub $100 price-point.

Fans! - Comes standard with two 140MM exhaust and a single 120MM intake, as well as having plenty of room for more fans. (Up to 5 140MM fans, supports a maximum of 10 fans total.)

Watercooling Support - Outside of the HAF series you don't see this often. Supports a 240MM radiator.

Painted inside and out.

Lots of drive bays

External HDD dock (sata)

Supports SSDs



It's a mid-tower, so it doesn't have as much room as larger cases.

No side window included at base price. Either you'll have to pay extra for the side window or retrofit it with your own.

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At the around $50 price point it is impossible not to menion the Antec Three Hundred, CM HAF 922 and the CM 690 II Basic, three GREAT mid tower values. Holding judgement right now on the Antec One Hundred until I see it but it looks like a revised Three Hundred.


Antec Three Hundred


Pros: Clean basis design begging for modding, filtered air intake, solid basic cooling, reasonable price.


Cons: only fair cable management capabilities, lacks front intake standard.


CM 690II Basic


Pros: clean basic design, filtered front intakes, potential for dual top fan exhaust and dual intake from bottom for nice chimney cool effect or adding water cooling, Side mount HD bay can be removed to open front intake air flow, top tray area.


Cons: lack of bottom filtering system, could use at least 120mm fan for top.


HAF 922


Pros: great price, great cooling stock and potential, Drive bay can be removed or flip to improve front intake air flow, top mounted tray area.


Cons: Has a sculpted look that might not appeal to all,


Should have been 922 not 912

Edited by ComputerEd

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Corsair 800D




Personal opinion


1. top 360 rad mount

2. separated chambers (mobo/hdd/psu/)

3. Unique/sleek design

4. large side window

5. Hot swap HDD system





1. high price

2. more for watercooling

3. no venting on side window.




I also give a recommend for the HAF932, it's my current case.

Edited by Fixedgeariain

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@ComputerEd - If you wouldn't mind editing and putting up some pros and cons for people to read, that'd be helpful... or you can link to one of your blog posts. ;)

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