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Troubleshoot 5970


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OKAY firstly I'd deeply like to state how "BAD". AMD support is. (not to be rude or anything but it is "garbage"). The website firstly takes you 1/2 hour to find contacts in which the customer support either requires you to phone in or fill in a form which takes 3/4 hr. These are the only actual forms of contact in which you can get personal problems solved which aren't already listed. The form that you go to fill out is an EPIC UB3R FAIL form to fill in which wastes over 3/4hr each time. EVERY SINGLE EMAIL I USE IS BLOCKED and there is no separate email you can use to contact them directly.


Before I continue I'd like to point out, I am quite annoyed as I wasted a total of 3 hours now attempting to contact email support only to have it bounced back at me, then not being able to forward it to the blocked address. I do have other things to deal with rather than constant computer problems, such as education which I require the use of a desktop computer to handle the Adobe CS4/5. I don't have time to phone them up directly.



AMD phenom 2 965 c3 x4 cpu 125W

Patriot viper DDR2 1066 rated AM2+ PC2-6400 *500EL series

Gigabyte GA-MA790FX-DQ6 - bios at F7e

Gigabyte 5970 ( not listed despite being released for over 6 months)

Antec TPQ 1200W PSU running 2 DVI-HDMI leads.

Antec 1200 case

extreme air cooling


about 2 months before swapping from win7 32 OEM pro to 64 ultimate I noticed that I was receiving quite a bit of graphical distortions and random object stretching etc. Since the install 1 months ago I have noticed that the problem has just become worse. It now is not only doing these random distortions but; screen flashing, monitors disabling themselves, monitors not connection/reconnecting, very very slow monitor connect rates, CCC constantly crashing/cutting out, uneven 3D mark Vantage levels on performance from 20000 to 25000, extreme and severe graphics distortions and random object stretching, CCC not starting up on system boot until 5-10 mins after everything else, occasional screens not displayed from bios onwards, ETC. CCC will sometimes take 5+ attempts then a process termination before starting


I have tried many variances from the constant install and roll-backs of latest drivers, old drivers, win 7 reinstalls, upping fan speeds and nothing has solved the problem.


I think that there may be some form of internal hardware/software problem with the GPU because there hasn't been a single problem with anything else in the system. The GPU, PSU, Case and a recent Hdd were purchased <6 months ago, the Cpu and cooler ~1 year ago and the mobo about 2 years ago. I don't think that there is any form of power issue as 4Hdd, 8 fans, 2 DVD , floppy/SD reader and 7 USB peripherals work without a problem.


The problems were first noticed when I was playing WOW and 3D mark Vantage in which it was purely a very minor lag jump/spike and have become a MAJOR object stretcher or SFX/graphics distortion.


With the issues I am unable/very poorly to perform necessary tasks, and with heavy computing use this increases. I have to resort to a very poor and slow government issued school mini laptop to perform homework and multimedia/IT work on.


As a long time AMD user/supporter id rather pay the average $200 less on AMD than Intel products as I generally haven't had a problem with them, except for this (first) purchase of graphics card which has EXTREMELY bad software and no customer support (where nvidia is blowing away ATI/AMD). Otherwise it's fine. I thought AMD's motto was for the customer's needs.


P.S. I have tried both 32bit and 64bit drivers

P.S.S. I'm really angry about the lack of customer service and poor update times for the website. It is only updated once when a new product is added or once every three months. (the 5970 isn't even listed under their products despite being advertised everywhere.

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Hi mate.


I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. I know how really frustrating and annoying it is to have to deal with all that rubbish - wasting countless of hours and seeming like your getting nowhere. :doh:

I really hope you get through to them soon. In the mean time we'll try our best to help you work out what is going wrong.


Just a few questions:


1) Have you tried using another graphics card (borrow from a friend?) to see whether the problem still persists? If it does persist then that may rule out your graphics card being the problem.

2) What monitor and resolution are you using?

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