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Bosco's SSD Contest

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Here we go with another contest.


I spoke with the winners of the Grand Prize systems for the Christmas contest and I asked them if they would be willing to trade them for a couple of 1.5TB Drives instead. Both wanted the space, so it worked out. Now I am going to give the two Mushkin 40GB SSD's to you guys.


In order to enter the contest you must meet the following requirements:


Have a min of 30 posts. If you do not have 30 posts but have been registered for longer than 60 days you must have a min of 10 posts.


Now with that out of the way here is how the contest is going to work:


I have two numbers picked out between 0 - 500.


Your job is to pick the number, doing so wins you one Mushkin SSD.


Here is how it's going to work. Once the contest starts, you will be allowed to pick one number. If one of you hit the number that round ends as soon as I see it.


So basically every 24 hours I will post the round has ended and you can submit another number. Do not post your next number until I have made the post ending that round. You are not allowed to change you number. If you do you are disqualified. The only exception for changing your number is if someone above you posted the same number at the same time you did, you can change it but that's the only exception.


So starting now you all can post one number, on Monday around 6PM Pacific time I will end Round one and we will begin round 2 and you can post another number. Followed by Tuesday then Wed etc etc.

I am not going to give you too much help other than to say, if you play the game I suggest writing everyone's picks down so you know what has been picked and not picked.


Lets keep this thread for the picks any questions post in this thread http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=182529&st=0


Good Luck Guys :)

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My number is 27

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