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low cmos battery

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since my psu blowen up and i replaced it with Cooler master GX 650W i get low cmos battery error and distorted sound i am replacing

the psu angian with a Corsair 650W TX but do you think this could be a fualt mayed buy the frist psu or the current one or the setup of the case RAIDMAX NINJA will be replacing the case wirh the Antec 1200.


MSI 790FX-GD70

AMD Phenom II X4 955

Corsair Hydro H70

G.Skill GSkill Ripjaws 4gb (1x4gb will be dual channel mode soon)

Leadtek GTX 280

RAIDMAX NINJA (will be changing to Antec Twelve Hundred)

Cooler master GX 650W

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Have you anyway of measuring the battery voltage? It should be around 3.4V. Maybe you have a problem with your motherboard but it would be useful to know if the battery is at fault.


Can you boot into Windows? What voltage does CPUID say it's at?

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