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USB 3.1 Superspeed+ specification approved! But if the adoption rate is anything like USB 3.0 don't be expecting 10Gb/s and up to 100W though a single backwards compatible cable for a while ;)


AMD opens new Hyderabad Research Center for SoC development. Looks like AMd might be getting into the mobile market after all despite denying it, or they just want better tablet tech.


The Elder Scrolls Anthology coming to PC September 10th, minus 2 TES games. Though you can currently get all iD and Bethesda games on steam for around the same price ;)


Ace Combat Infinity to be F2P exclusively on PS3


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'Leaked' benchmarks are starting to appear of the AMD R9 290X... not bad if true. Only 3 days till AMD's stream 



Looks pretty good, if the release price is low enough it might be a good [email protected] card too. The 7970 is still one of the better cards when it comes to PPD/$

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hey dan, i saw today that the amd kaveri a10 7850's are now available on the egg, ....but i'm feeling torn as to whether or not to go a10-7850k or go to the 8 core platform instead...one thing i noticed right away was that the a10 7850 is slower and uses less wattage than my a10-6800K by quite a bit, (discouraging) but has improved graphics capability, and i noticed right away that there are some new features that id like to try out, but not at the expense of my speeds... so right now i'm feeling kinda torn as to what to do next, (and even considered going back to the intel platforms)...atm i'm well pleased with the fm2 platform and my pair 7970's and not ready to upgrade to the fm2+, but what's really buggin me is that the new amd bleeding edge seems better for some stuff but worse when it comes to processor power...so that's why i thought about doing the 8 core thing...idk, i have alot of options to think about...


hey, question dan; will the a10-7850 require a new fm2+ mobo or will my current fm2 work ?


do you know if maybe there will be some faster a10's coming out ?

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