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Post your IBT results.


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hi all you overclockers. just posting my results for IBT. i would prefer i5/i7 cpus. but you AMD ppl can also join in. first off i have my i7 2600K clocked to a very stable 4.6GHZ @ 1.34Vcore i have HT and TURBO BOOST disabled. i then did a IBT and set the Stress level to "STANDARD" and the threads to "4". i found that i had higher GFLOPS with HT disabled and i also had lower LOAD temps. anyways, i would appreciate it if you also post a screenshot of your results.


many regards mitch.






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Nice overclock mate, how stable is it at 4.6 with HT on?


Have you tested dropping it back one multi too see if theres much difference in your GFLOPS? I noticed on my 980x that anything over 4.4ghz didnt yield much difference at all in relation to GFLOPS. I can run 4.4ghz stable HT on at 1.343v vcore, while at 4.6ghz stable HT on required 1.375v, but I was producing the same GFLOPS. I really didnt want to push the voltage past 1.375v to see if I could improve the speed anymore. Also the temps were getting a little high.


With HT off on this same overclock, I reach 90 gflops average using the same testing settings.


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