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Project: Life. (a.k.a- Swamp thing)


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My roomie Ryan wanted a build done for him,

gave me a budget of $1000.00 and requested an AMD/ATI build.

I named the build "Life",

as I always use a one-word code to refer to my builds

(i.e Heaven, Hell, Toxic, Purgatory..etc)


Ryan is using the name "swamp thing" referring to the green led lighting throughout the system.


Parts list as follows-


HAF 922


2x 120mm Silenx green LED fans

Asus crosshair IV

AMD Phenom II x6 1090t black edition 3.2ghz

XFX 6850

xfx 650w PSU (Ryan's request, green fans)

2x Corsair 4gb (2x2gb) DDR3

Corsair H50

Seagate Barracuda 1.5TB



Ryan already owns a keyboard and mouse, as well as a 37 inch HDTV for use as a monitor, this will be his primary gaming system, as the only machine he uses is a 6 year old HP laptop.


He mainly wants to be able to play Portal 2/World of warcraft/BF3/TF2 and a few other games, also he wanted a system he won't need to majorly upgrade anything in a while, he will be getting an extra 6850 for crossfire in the future.



Here we go with the pictures!



Nudity abound!



mmm fresh H50...



Green LED fans, also surprised me when I noticed that they came with the rubber anti-vibration mounts +win for Silenx.



Naked H50, wooowoo! Removed the rear case fan from the 922 getting ready to mount this to that fan, and then affixing it to the rear fan port. Going to be attaching the pack-in fan to the front of the H50 for a push/pull setup right out the back of the case.



Here we go, fans all hooked up and bolted on, I really love when rads have fans on both sides. xD



Cable management starting on the back, making sure each cable is tied and attached, no sleeving on this rig Ryan doesn't want it..I LOVE Cooler Master's HDD trays...cept my next case will be an 800D..heh



waiting on delivery of the mobo/cpu/ram/gpu/psu...looking lonely inside.



Silenx fans installed, I LOVE those rubber mounting screw things. Green LED's inside.



reverse of the last shot, little cable management on the fans.



Zip-ties= Love.



We are waiting on the rest of the machine to get shipped through newegg.


Also have you ever noticed that when you do cable management in a friend's system it always looks better than your own?



Stay Tuned for more pictures!

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