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"old school" pc build

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so i have a bunch of old pc parts at the house, and in storage. I'm not sure what sum of them are, but id like to try to get a build out of the parts. i need some help figuring out what will work with what.


Asus A7NBX socket 462

Asus MZV MX socket AM2

EliteMT socket7-this thing has ISA slots....

CPUs-- AMD K6-2




Nvidia G-force5200ep

Nvidia * * * ?6600?

ASUS V9180




EliteMT Socket 7 (with ISA support) - this was a POS back when it was released so I doubt anything's changed (it will also likely require replacement capacitors), it's Vcore capability, multiplier adjustment & FSB range will determine what will work with it, researching the exact model designation will yield more useful information.


Asus A7N8X socket 462 - These (also called socket A) were in their time a hugely popular board based on it's performance & reliability, this mobo will support all SktA CPU's from lowly Duron/Thunderbird's right through to the highend Barton core processors.


Asus MZV MX socket AM2 - I'd hardly call this an old platform




Nvidia G-force 5200 EP - This sounds like one of those budget passively cooled products, available in AGP/PCI formats & supporting DX9.0


nVidia 6600 - This could be either AGP or PCI-e supporting DX 9.0


ASUS V9180 - GeForce4 MX an entry level AGP/PCI card supporting DX 7.0


SILURO T200 - GeForce 2 card available in AGP/PCI configurations supporting DX 7.0




If you were going to build something out of all that stuff... I'd suggest you go with the A7N8X + nVidia 5200 (or preferably 6600 if it's AGP) combo :thumbsup:









Socket 462 is AMD for the Athlon XP CPUs in socket 462 ( I still have a few of these)


Socket 7 is BOTH Intel and AMD depending on the board... and Handle P-II Intel Socket 7 and AMD K6-2 450/500mhz CPUs


Don't discount the awesome Cyrix 6x86 MX & MII's, this totally depends on the boards compatibility, Super Socket 7 would be the best outcome allowing for the use of K62/3 processors... I was able to OC a K62 to 600+ MHz back then that was truely something! :thumbsup:

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I have a rig that is STILL running an A7N8X-e deluxe from ASUS with zero issues. The mobo has taken a lightning strike through my router, so one of the network ports is effed, but other than that it is still running my XP 2500+ at 2.3GHZ like it has for 5 years! I would definitely recommend this board for old school goodness.

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