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The Unofficial Battlefield 3 Thread

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I own both MW3 and BF3. I don't like getting into the comparison between each as they both have their good and bad points. I use teamspeak3 so teamwork is used in both.Haven't really gotten to MW3 yet as BF3 has been so much fun but I'll get bored and move over to MW3 for a while. I do find that BF3 really can be teamwork oriented but you need the communication tools or it's just wasted. I can use guided shells in a tank but without a SOFLAM or an operator in the CITV station it's nearly worthless. With communication going we can wreck a team's armor and air support with a single tank.


The teamwork aspect may increase if they get their in-game VOIP working.


I didn't say you can't do teamwork on either - my friends and I have teamwork for both games as well. The difference is neither game require or inspire teamwork. Not once have I logged onto BC2 or BF3 where random strangers wanted to work together. The closest I've seen was where the squad leader designated some waypoints but when I went to those waypoints I took the objective(s) by myself. When I first started BC2 my very first game I was making a move on a flag and my team was following me as if I was leader. Then I realized that I was level 0 so they were just using me to flush out the damn enemy. :lol:


Despite the bad rap MW gets and how much it gets pooped on for lack of teamplay I have had quite a few games where random people both initiated and went along with some ad hoc teamplay. Which I find interesting because BF3 is a far superior game when it comes to teamplay ...mostly due to its class breakdown and having talents outside of just the gunplay. Where BF3 fails in teamplay is that squads are left on their own. There is no over arching commander like BF2 had. So even if the squad leaders are doing their job, which is rare, the squads are running around randomly instead of as one big cohesive team. If you are going to have a game focused on the battlefield experience, you really shouldn't isolate the squads. Not to mention Squad Leaders really need to be more active in that game.


For example, that game where Krazy and I wanna say Toasty (sorry if I'm wrong here) were in a chopper lighting people up, I want tell everyone in voice chat the enemy's movement and where to go, call out the lone wolves running along the wall or those who already made it behind ours lines and are spawn camping.

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You can lead a donkey to water but you can't make it drink. I probably won't ever own MW3. For me COD BlackOps was very average even compared to BF2. After playing BF3 I've never played another round of COD, so I don't see why I would bother spending $60 on MW3.



Same here, wont't spend a dime to get mw3. I made the mistake of getting Black Ops, will not make same mistake. My friends server, couple of them, still run cod4 servers, moded once, and I play a lot with them. I bought BF3 because it was on sale, and I am so happy with the purchase, I do agree at someones comment about team work with soflams and other team effort/squad effort, it really does work. I stumbled upon a server where there was team work on the metro and using rpgs and smokes, the team just steam rolled up the choke points on the escalators and stairways, I mean it was fun, it was due to team effort on the squads.

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To me that seems totally impossible and implausible without some sort of cheating going on. And look at his percentage of quits = 62% ?

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