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[Worklog] Redoing Main Rig


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Doing a case swap with rig 1 and rig 2 in sig, and redoing my wc loop. My stuff from petra's tech came today.


2 Yates, 88 cfm and 40 dba for use with my fan controller. Here are the old fans, only 72 cfm for 37 dba, not too good.




Gel-stuff (feels like silicon) for vibration reduction on my mcp-655 pump. Also, 4 12" sleeved 3 pin fan extension cables.




And I snagged 2 12" cathodes for only 6 bucks. :D






More to come soon, my tubing should be here tomorrow.

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I'm already seeing temperature improvements with the yate loon fans. Right now, my 3rd core drops as low as 37 when idling, something my other fans couldn't even DREAM to do with my AC on, and on a fresh boot. I just got done playing black ops, and it's already that low. I'll do some stress testing later, since I know that idle temps don't mean much.


Edit: At a glance, the difference is clear. With my 2 other fans on low, I hit 79 degrees on 2 of my cores playing black ops (forgot to turn the fans on high). Right now, with OCCT going (higher load than black ops) and both yates on low, I'm only at 66-63-65-61. Fans on high, I'm getting 63-58-64-58.

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It is a bit high for water, but there were a few factors affecting that, increasing the temperature. I had been playing black ops for a few hours, and black ops is notoriously cpu hungry. Also, my radiator was pretty dusty, my old fans don't fare too well at low rpms, my AC wasn't on, and I live in Miami (hot day).


Update on the rig: STILL no info about the tubing I ordered on TUESDAY. Their website says it's been shipped, but USPS has absolutely no information about my tracking number. Doesn't even show a check in... I'm really hoping it's just a mistake and I'll have my tubing this afternoon. :nyea:

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I live in South Florida. I’m not sure when the USPS guy comes by, since I’m at school all day. All I know is that when he comes by, my stuff is here by the time I get home. :P I'll try keeping my head up and hoping it comes today. :teehee:

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Awesome, my tubing came today. Time to get to work.



Draining the old loop.




My cpu block.



And the bottom of said block.



And as I open it up, ew, this thing needs a good scrub.




A toothbrush, alcohol, distilled water, and 5 minutes later, starting to look better.



The bottom is still a bit tarnished though...



Nothing a little ketchup won't fix.



There we go, almost looks like a new one.



Now it's time to tear apart the rigs. Good thing my faithful helper is here to give me advice.




Rig 2 has been dismantled.



Rig 1 is on it's way.



My "workstation."





I don't have pictures for the rest of what I did today, but as of now, both rigs have been dismantled, and the components of rig 1 have been put into the antec 900. Right now I'm doing some tests with the old tubing to see if the angles are ok. I'm having a hell of a time finding a spot for the pump with this massive 11 inch video card...

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