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Reusing Parts from Dead Tablet?

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Last Friday my HP touchsmart tx2z died. Basically, black screen, LED error sequence indicated "CPU non-functional". Since my warranty ran out, and it is most likely a cpu problem, fixing it will probably cost me a fortune. And that the tablet always overheat and can't handle the 3D modeling stuffs I do on it anyway. Maybe that's why it died in only 2 years? So I decided to take whatever I can from it (not much I can take anyway), then move on and try to build a new desktop. I am not really a hardware person, never had any experience, so i guess this will be my little experiment.


Anyway, I took the hard drive out to recover the data I needed. So I plan to convert that to a portable hard drive or external.

Going to take the RAM out soon to put on my old laptop.


Now here's the thing. I really want to reuse that touch screen, since that's probably the most valuable thing on that tablet. It is also very useful for Photoshop and writing Chinese. Does anyone know how to do it?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks :D

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