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My 1st real build, i need advice

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I want to ask as well which of the below monitors would you consider the best for gaming:


ASUS 24" VW246H

ACER 24" V243HLbmd

HP 24" LA2405wg

LG 24" W2453TQ-PF

Philips 24" 240S1SB

SAMSUNG 24" P2450H


I'm eying the ASUS 24" VW246H, i like what i read about it on the net, but can you guys give me your opinions? :)

I would personally go for the ASUS VW246H too! - Good price and decent contrast ratio (not the highest though - the Samsung and Acer have the highest contrast ratio but the Samsung only has 1 year warranty :yucky: while the Acer....who knows about its warranty? Can't find it on newegg. :dunno:)

I have the Asus VE246H right now and I am absolutely loving the screen - it is the best LCD screen I have bought and seen yet. The VW256H is a higher model so I am sure you'll love it like I am loving mine :)

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