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Duel Vidio Cards.

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i have too much stuff to go on a single monitor so i was wondering if i could go duel.

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try installing a second vid card... might work.. but of course if

neither supports it, probly wont work...

I just got it workin on my friends comp,

ATI Radeon 8500... it was being . at first

but of course I was able 2 get it workin...

bah anyone here used an SGI monitor w/ a wierd


my friend found a 22inch monitor w/ a small remote once

at the Sun buy our house which is right now the street..

they have a huge Newark campus, (if you check it out online and see pix, you'll be like seein pix not even a half mile from my house... like right down the street... w000!)

well anyway does anyone know what kind of connector Im talkin about and where I can get one?

he's just gonna give me this huge sucker...

bah didnt mention above he has the monitor just no cord...

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