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I made a thread a few weeks ago asking about cases for $100.



well instead of my parents buying me a case for christmas they gave me $160 so i have a little bigger budget for a cas.



Best case for a hard $160


options so far:


Antec Twelve Hundred


Cooler Master Storm Sniper





Bro i bought myself an Azza Hurrican 2000 !!! This case is AMAZING!!!! It is a full tower with 4x 5.25" drive bays 6x 3.5" drive bays ( +1 external 3.5 converted from a 5.25 and two internal 2.5 converted from 3.5 bays). The case has 4x 230mm fans (2x w/ Blue LED), 3x 120mm fans (2x w/ Blue LED) and a 80mm slim fan for the CPU and th case is very silent. The case on www.newegg.com is 150$. I bought it for 160$ on www.ncix.com

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^ This guy knows where it's at.

Speaking of the RC 692, does anyone know when the Windowed model is scheduled to be released? I've heard that it'll release in EU in June or so, but I haven't heard anything about a US release.

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