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Capt Proton

Cyberlink Fails In Customer Support = Again

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I have been trying to resolve an issue with PowerDVD 10 Ultra Mark II and Blu-Ray 3d. I am not going to get into the problem, the purpose of this post is to create some noise about the absolutely unacceptable customer service, and not for the first time. I did try to lodge a complaint, but, according to the signature, my complaint went to the same person the complaint was about! That should tell you something right there.

Let me insert the main text that has so inflamed me.


"- Ensure that your VGA drivers already support 3D vision. The NVIDA WHQL driver does not yet support CyberLink PowerDVD 10. You can visit the NVIDIA Beta site to download the latest beta graphic drivers. The latest beta drivers are 196.34 (or above) and 196.21 3D Vision driver (or above)."


Of course, drivers 196.34 are from January of this year, and the most recent are 260.99, quite a difference.


As well, there is this, which I attempted to point out


"If you follow this link, http://www.cyberlink.com/products/powerdvd/hardware-support_en_US.html you will find that Cyberlink's own website states that Blu-Ray 3D and Tru Theatre 3D are supported by Nvidia 3D Vision. It also refers to 3D Vision CD for Desktop GPUs v1.38."


Not only were the statements sent to me incorrect, they were totally out of sync with information posted on their own site!


In frustration, I activated my one month free phone support so I could speak to someone to bring this incredibly poor support effort. I am now attempting to get this feature reinstated for when I really need it, however, the latest response I got completely ignored my request and presented the same old platitudes in an attempt to make me go away.


If I thought there was anyway to get my money back, I would ditch PowerDVD in a heart beat and find soem other solution.

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