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Various CPU Temperature Comparisons


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@Cespenar : What does your watercooling consist of ? What rad, pump and cpu block ?

Thaemaltake Kandalf LCS case with P500 ThermalTake pump and res. T/T CPU block that came with the case. Alphacool NexXxos rad that replaced the T/T rad that came with the case. The SLI GPU's share the loop.

One wears a Danger Den 8800gtx block and the other wears a Zalman 8800gtx block. :thumbsup:


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I just figured out my fan controller was on "auto" which sets the fans at 50%. With the yate loons, I couldn't even tell they were only at 50%, cause they are so quiet regardless! Switched to manual, cranked them up to 100% will be doing some temp updates very soon :evilgrin:

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intel Q8400 2.66 @ 3.01ghz

Cooler Master Gemini II s (Single fan)

Room temp- 25c

idle temp- 30c (38 on cores avg)

load temp-55c (60c on cores avg)

Vcore 1.3125

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Stock: Intel core I7 DO step @ 2.66ghz. 1.190v (auto) Vcore 1.350 Qpi W/ DDR3 1866 Corsair Dominator ram Overclocked : Core I7 920 Do step @ 3.36Ghz. 1.190v (auto) Vcore 1.350 Qpi w/ Corsair Dominator 1855


Stock and overclocked on two HSF's. I smell yet another late night. And it was nearly 2 O'clock and I have conclusions. Its kind of funny how the tests turned out. Between the two of them there may be something wrong with the nickel plated cooler but the tests are consistent so I'm going to have to say its ok as the data shows. It just does not have the thermal transfer that the pure copper unit does. keep in mind though the I7 never got a voltage bump to get to 3.36Ghz where the Overclock test was so they are not the best choice for an I7 but when put to the test they are able to cool them with a modest overclock inside of a well ventilated case. With the Pure copper cooler I believe its possible to get to 3.60Ghz and still have comfortable idle and load temps. But that needs to be tested. I seriously doubt they would ever take an I7 to 4ghz. unless your room is at 10c all the time. But, between the two... Get the all copper one. it not only Has better results but IMHO looks better.


Ambient temperature was 72f - 72.5f For all the tests. Zalman CNPS9700 Nvidia nickel plated edition


Arctic silver 5 Stock: 43c idle - 66c load

Arctic silver 5 overclocked: 46c - 79c load

Zalman Paste Stock: 44c Idle - 74c load

Zalman Paste overclocked: 46c idle - 83c load


Zalman CNPS9700 Copper edition

Arctic silter 5 stock: Idle: 40c - Load: 61c

Arctic silver 5 Overclocked: Idle: 42c - load 72c

Zalman paste stock: Idle: 41c - Load 62c

Zalman Paste overclocked: Idle: 44c - Load: 75c


Final thoughts: I think the Nickel plated 9700 may be suffering from a not completely flat cold plate. Now I did stick a razor blade over it and it did not look bad. But when using a small amount of tim to get the best performance The HSF would literally not make contact with the chip at all. though if you use AS5 this will not hinder performance terribly there is still going to be lost performance due to this issue.


Hope you guys enjoyed the read. Night.

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