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I'm so disappointed after looking at the benchmark on the 6900 ser

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Its just commonly used software does not support it pre launch





Until the optimizations are taking out of the equation the numbers are suspect any way you look at it.


Crossfire scaling has been horrible for so long that they are finally getting it closer in many newer games .


My problem with driver enhancements is that you can only show 10%+ gains in performance with drivers for so long until image quality just sucks. AMD is using these optimizations now after NVIDIA did a while back so its a toss up when you get down to the slim differences in performance.. Also take a look in the CCC if you have an ATI card...you can no longer disable Catalyst AI for a reason


lol, that would explain the 205% performance gain :mfp: i was lost wondering how they pulled that one off. i thought surely by 10.12 they would reverse this. well, oh well. i sold my 5850 anyhow. AMD needs to address this soon or i will be skipping them when i get ready to buy a new gpu :nono: ......


I sure hope they do,

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