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Need to purchase an s-video IN / vga OUT cable or adapter

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Anyone know of any vendors that sell s-video IN to vga OUT cables? A few days ago, I purchased an Asus VH236H 23” LCD monitor for gaming. Currently, I have an Xbox 360(vga) and PS3(hdmi) connected to it, but I want to also connect my Dreamcast(svideo), PS2(svideo), and Sega Saturn(svideo) to this display as well. A vga IN/s-video OUT cable does not work in this situation. Before this purchase, I had my Dreamcast, PS2, and Sega Saturn connected via s-video cables into an AV (svideo/composite) switch. Next, the switch s-video output was connected to an RF modulator which was outputting to a “tube” CRT T.V. [This T.V. only has a coaxial port; it was released in 1995]

[This was my methodology]


Dreamcast, PS2, and Sega Saturn connected via s-video to s-video switch

Switch’s s-video output connected to s-video IN/ vga OUT cable (or adapter) to Asus VH236H.

If need be, I can solder.


I think I have found a solution for my setup.

svideo IN vga OUT converter

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