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SLI vs New Card

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I built my pc about a year ago, and was hoping to have upgraded my video card long ago but being a student never came into the money. So I'm doing my research and find myself in a dilemma.



XFX 790i ultra sli mobo

OCZ Modxstream pro 600w

XFX gts 250 1GB core edition

intel core 2 quad q8400 [not-overclocked]

G.Skill 8GB [4x2GB] DDR3 1333 8-8-8-21

SATA 3.0Gb/s 7200 standard hdd


I could either scour ebay for a video card just like mine [can't find one anywhere retailer wise], OR get a nice new video card that supports Directx 11 for crysis 2 come spring. I'm hesitant about spending the extra money, but I also think that I'll be disappointed with just another gts 250 come next fall due to any directx 11 only games. I'd like to keep the price under $200 and really don't want to head into ATI territory, but also don't want to buy a new card now just to find no pair [discontinued] for it in 6 months. Thoughts?

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I wouldn't worry about DX11 only games coming out anytime soon, seeing as all the recent games have DX9 still lol. Really, until the consoles update their hardware, we'll be on DX9-10.

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Nah, Gigabyte has had problems from what I've been reading. Get this one, $10 using the Promo Code: SNOWFLAKE10... http://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php?name=PNY-GTX460&title=PNY-nVidia-GeForce-GTX460-1GB-DDR5-2DVI-Mini-HDMI-PCI-Express-Video-Card-Retail. The deal was $5 better a few days ago.


Off topic: I don't let a few bad newegg reviews sway my opinion on a video card usually. Most of the time it's ppl who stuff these cards into old hp boxes with no fans that complain about them not working properly. :bah:


Back on topic: Yeah that card is a good deal. Can't really argue with that price. :thumbsup:

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