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Will These Cpu Settings Work?


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Im trying to get CPU (athlon XP2700) to work syncronously with my RAM speed (3200 @400mhz) I have been doing some calulations and thought i might try these settings, but as im a bit of a noob still on this front i just though i'd check with you guys first.


CPU: 280

RATIO: 18.5


BTW Im using an 8k9a mobo.



P.s. will i need to change voltages or anything scary like that? :unsure:

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might need to rework your numbers... if I am reading your post correctly, you are attempting to get a 2700+ over 5Ghz....


Hmmm..should be interesting


the FSB for your PC3200 ram is 200Mhz...

not sure the stock speed of the 2700+ (to darn lazy to look it up now...)


Ok...I'm in a good mood... the 2700+ runs at 2.17Ghz stock...


so to run sync with RAM

your divider could be either 10.5 or 11...there is rounding in there

with your FSB at 200


200x 11 = 2200 speed or darn close to stock with your Ram running at 400Mhz or its stock speed

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Ohhh sorry its 250 not 280 i want to get it running at its core speed of 2170mhz

Sounds good though, i'll give it a try.

You think i should alter my voltages or anything scary like that though?

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[old bitter rant]

it sounds to me, absolutely no offense meant, we have all been there, that you need to do a bit more research on overclocking..


we are happy to help, but you need to take ownership of your project.. understand completely the risks and rewards..


What exactly will you gain overclocking? What exactly could you lose?


How much?




This are questions that you need to answer for yourself...


Sure you could up your voltage. Do you understand the risks and reasons?

I run at 1.85 volts 24/7..but I am using water cooling at understand that my PC may die before I finish typing my ramblings


I am sure I am coming across as an a$$, but any new overclocker needs to do a bit more of their own work..


There are NO answers to overclocking. While the theories are of course based on science, there are so many variables from system to system that the rules pretty much go out the window.


Up the voltage? Hmm are you using stock cooling or phase change.

Good air flow or bad?

a CPU that was built on Monday or Tuesday?

is your front case fan running at 2000rpm or 3000rpm

and the list goes on and on......


again, we are happy to help, but this is your project.. take ownership of it...



[/old bitter rant]

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I dont think you understand my original question... im NOT looking to overclock, i just want to run my CPU in sync with my 3200 ram. Believe me I have done a lot of research on this and have also scoured this and many other forums and im just looking for some advice, from more experienced people...


Any way my system is as follows,


aluminium case

x4 case fans and a 430w PSU with x2fans with auto adjustable cooling

epox KT400 8k9a mobo

athlon XP2700 CPU

1gig of 3200 ddr ram

x2 60GB hdd


Radeon 9800Pro 256mb

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Very well...my apologies then....

but in reality to get your CPU to run the same speed as your RAM is overclocking


pc3200 RAM runs at a FSB of 200Mhz (double to its speed of 400Mhz) while your CPU runs at a speed of 166Mhz FSB (double pumped to 333Mhz)


Now..that being said, if you were to "overclock" your FSB to 200mhz and change the CPU multiplier to 10.5 or 11, theoretically you are not overclocking your CPU in raw Mhz, but you are overclocking your bus speed....


now..the bad news...Even if your CPU is pre-week 39 (which were multiplier unlockable) your motherboard is Via chipset based, which does not have the capability of unlocking the multipliers....


So...the short answer after all of that,,,, you can't.. unless you start overclocking...


again your CPU runs at a 166mhz bus speed, and your ram runs at (or Can run at ) a bus speed of 200mhz

Your CPU has a multiplier of 13 (i believe)


if you were to push your FSB from 166 to 200, that would net a CPU overclock of almost 500mhz..which is a very large overclock


am I making sense.?


so without wild overclocking, your RAM is actually underclocking so the cpu can keep up...


I hope that makes sense


and sorry about my Rant earlier.

I just get tired of the same old "How do I overclock" question and I missread your post and thought that was what you were asking......

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ok its cool, thanks for the info. I was running at 166 x13 before but was having alot of problems with the system not rebooting properly (it would just turn off the monitor and not come back on to the POST screen again.)


at the moment im experimenting with using 133 @x16.5 and it seems more stable, but for some reason (maybe becausre its not syncing optimaly) is not as fast as 166. Also using a 133 FSB speed allows me to select DDR333 and 400 from the menu.


my multiplier on the BIOS lets me do something up to 23-25.

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Hmm..now I am confused...


I was always under the influence that VIA chipset boards, which your is, wouldn't unlock the CPU....


after you reboot, after changing a multiplier, what speed does windows read your CPU as...


I would download something like WCPUID or CPU-z in order to find out the speed that everything is running at....


after re-reading your post, I bet the reason your system appears to be running slower with the 133 x 16.5 setting is because it is...


as I mentioned, AFAIK, Via chipsets do not unlock the CPU, so, while you are changing the mulit in the BIOS, i don't think it is really doing anything...


I would guess that once you boot up, your system is actually running at 133 x 13 or 1729 (or so) mhz.....


as to the reboots at 166x 13...hmmm.... that is the stock speed.... could be many different things..... video drivers, mobo drivers, etc.


more details on that would be great....


and keep it down, I am trying to watch Enemy at the Gates on my DVD player! :D

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k downloaded WCPUID and at the moment it is saying

[ WCPUID Version 3.1a © 1996-2002 By H.Oda! ]


Processor #1 : AMD Athlon XP (Model 8) / 92AD6882

Platform : Socket A (Socket 462)

Vendor String : AuthenticAMD

CPU Type : Original OEM Processor (0)

Family : 6 (7)

Model : 8 (8)

Stepping ID : 1 (1)

Brand : ----

APIC : ----

HT Log.CPU Cnt : ----

Name String : AMD Athlon


Internal Clock : 2205.00 MHz

System Bus : 267.27 MHz DDR

System Clock : 133.64 MHz

Multiplier : 16.5


L1 I-Cache : 64K Byte

L1 D-Cache : 64K Byte

L1 T-Cache : ----

L1 Cache : ----

L2 Cache : 256K Byte

L2 Speed : 2205.00 MHz (Full)


MMX Unit : Supported

SSE Unit : Supported

SSE2 Unit : Not Supported

MMX2 Unit : Supported

3DNow! Unit : Supported

3DNow!+ Unit : Supported


Host Bridge : 1106:3189.00 [VIA Apollo KT400]

South Bridge : 1106:3177.00 [VIA VT8233A]

VGA Device : 1002:4E48.00 [ATI RADEON 9700/9500 Series]

Memory Size : 1024M Byte

Memory Clock : ----


Xp reports it as 2200mhz also...

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