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GPU Folding on 2nd Hard Drive

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Oh.. Give this a try.




This is to install the Console Vers. of the GPU3 [email protected]


This is a direct link to the Console Vers. Download: http://www.stanford.edu/~friedrim/[email protected]_Vista-631.zip


It looks to me like you just Unzip this file and place it where ever you would like.

Then you run it from cmd.exe


This might be what your looking for then.

Awesome, I think that should do it! I will test it out when I get home from classes today and see how it turns out. Thanks for your help Psywar and everyone else! As always, :foldon:


--Edit-- I just installed the GPU core onto my HDD and it appears that everything is contained on that drive, so in that sense it was a success. However, it gives me an error that says "Unstable_machine" and "NANs detected on GPU" after it sets the checkpoint frequency. I Googled a few sites and they all appear inconclusive. I've tried deleting the work folder and the queue.dat file but no joy. Hmmmm


--Edit-- Downclocked my GPU for folding, it seems the memory clock may have been a bit high, and now it is folding like paper! Thanks guys!

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Hardware needs to be virtually free of instability issues to run the folding client without issues. :)

I realize that now and after hours with OCCT, I am rock solid :thumbsup: I had to up the voltage to 1.05v and decrease the core clock to 770mhz and memory to 1825mhz. With a custom fan profile, temps max out around 84-85 with stock cooler. Still a decent overclock and very stable.

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