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Just looking for a short quick answer.


After reading, etc. I keep on hearing the word Ghost brought up. Like everything else, everyone and their mother has 'exactly' what it means and of course I've become confused.


If I've gotten the general idea though, the outcome might make my life easier. I tend to give clean installs of WinXP OS far too often.


If I was to Ghost a clean version of WinXP onto an old POS HDD, could I basically imprint that version onto a partition in my current HDD to get an instant clean version?


Or am I being misinformed again?


Thanks guys.

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You are correct....


Ghost is Norton Ghost... I love it.. I use it for backups. I clone one harddrive to another hard drive, so should one fail, I can clone the Ghost image back....


and your idea is an excellent one... build the system, install your apps and get it the way you want, then make a Ghost image....


something goes wrong and you can just restore that ghost image...

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So, I get my system to the way I want it, Ghost it onto a blank HDD, and I'm golden?


As for transferring to create a 'new' HDD from my Ghost, do I need to format that partition, or can I just stick it right on over the top? Either way isn't bad, but formatting is still a pain.


Now that the idea works, I just need the logistics :)

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