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WTS [Cactus stuff]

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Reusing a pic I took for EVGA (it never got any catches).

Used e6320 from a Retail HP tower. Used for 2.5 years or so and then I built my current PC but I decided to pull the thing out and keep it. I also have a Freezer 7 pro I never got to use (it is opened though..) that I am selling WITH it. It's been 4-6 months since I pulled it out but when I pulled it out it was working fine, no problems. Never had any issues with the HP while I was using it either so I don't anticipate it to have any problems.


With the cooler I'm asking for 55 Shipped. Price isn't entirely firm so talk to me first if you need


Also selling:


EVGA 8800GTS 320MB with an aftermarket cooler - http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=54_196_688&products_id=24695

I lost the thermal pads for the RAM on the original cooler so I got a new one but never really used it as it was inconvenient and I upgraded. The 8800GTS was previously damaged but baked (reflowed) and works. The reason I didn't just RMA was because I forgot to register it when I got it >_>

Asking 40 shipped


PNY 8800GT 256mb, has a single slot cooler. Bought it as a OEM new, used for a few months. One of the thermal pads on the cooler for RAM seems to be the missing but if you want I have thermal adhesive though I don't know how well it'll fit between the gap.


Asking 40 shipped.


I'll probably be using USPS flat rate medium boxes. The E6320 is in a little plastic case thing that my 955 came in. The 8800GTS and 8800GT are sitting in Anti-static bags in boxes.


Prices re-evaluated


I'm also interested in trading my GTX 460 768mb MSI cyclone (+cash) for a 1GB 460 or a GTX 470

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