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Hey, OCC. New dude here.

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Welcome to OCC!!!


While BIOS OCing is the norm, some people use AMD's OverDrive software for quick testing (constantly rebooting to BIOS can be a hassle/take time) of settings, and if successful, then manually setting them in the BIOS. This also allows for quick changing of settings too (like upping the voltage after a failed test) assuming the PC didnt crash or freeze. But in the end, manually inputting OC settings into the BIOS is the way to go.


As for GPU overclocking, MSI's afterburner software is widely used, as is RivaTuner. You could also use the OverDrive utility included in AMD's Catalyst driver suite, which is a good tool to use (up to it's maximum allowed setting, then MSI Afterburner is your friend)


You may also want to check out Dolk's Guide, it's based around the Deneb core (Phenom II), but the same general concept should still apply to the Propus core.

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